UPVC Doors

Why our UPVC doors?…

At Worthington and Graham, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of uPVC door options, each designed with your utmost comfort, security, and savings in mind.
Unparalleled Variety
Our extensive range of uPVC doors includes single, sidelight, double, and stable configurations, available in various sizes and combinations. Whatever your preference, we have the perfect uPVC door to complement your home.
Weather-Resistant Excellence
We understand the importance of weather resistance. That’s why all our uPVC doors undergo stringent weather testing to ensure they can withstand even the harshest conditions. Thanks to our high-performance weather seals, our doors effectively keep the elements at bay while retaining the cozy warmth within your living space.
Enhanced Security
Your safety is our top priority. Worthington and Graham uPVC doors are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous Secure By Design standards, in accordance with BS7950 requirements. Rest assured, our doors come equipped with top-tier security features, providing you with peace of mind.
Energy Efficiency at its Best
Our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency is unwavering. Our uPVC doors incorporate cutting-edge frame technology and weather seals that result in impressively low U-values, with ratings as low as 0.98 W/m2K. This outstanding energy efficiency not only makes our doors suitable for a wide range of buildings but also contributes significantly to energy savings, both in heating and cooling costs.
When you choose Worthington and Graham uPVC doors, you’re making a choice for superior quality, safety, and energy savings. Experience the difference today!

Weather Performance

Our uPVC Windows undergo the strictest weather testing in preparation for whatever conditions the U.K. throw their way. High-performance weather seals keep the elements out and the warmth in.

Security Performance

Worthington and Graham uPVC windows meet BS7950 British Standard, this specifies security performance requirements for windows and doors. This ensures that our windows provide enhanced security features, meeting the highest industry standards.

Energy Efficiency

Weather seal and advanced frame technology ensure unmatched energy efficiency. With U-values as low as 0.98 W/m2K, increased thermal performance makes them functional for any type of building, contributing to reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling.

What is Secured by Design (SBD)?…

SBD is a crime prevention initiative primarily focused on promoting and certifying buildings and products that adhere to specific security standards and design principles. It’s backed by the UK police and encourages the incorporation of security measures into the design and construction of structures and the manufacturing of products.

What is BS7950?…

BS7950 is a British Standard that specifically addresses the security of windows and doors in domestic properties. It sets out requirements and test methods for windows and doors to resist unauthorized access, such as break-ins. BS7950 specifies performance criteria that windows and doors must meet to be considered secure, including features like locking mechanisms, glazing, and frame strength.

Below are some of the door options we offer, please note, this is not a comprehensive list, we have a vast variety of style options. If you are looking for something specific then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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